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Text N Date Description: You have an incredibly open opportunity here to be first in your area, meeting a hot single. TextNDate is the newest American mobile dating site where you can browse and contact other people in your area or across the whole country! (USA). It's as simple as texting them with your cell phone and maybe deciding on a meeting later if it feels right for you. You are totally in control. You'll love it. Imagine a soulmate experience from your first chat. Or meet in a public open space to spend time together, getting to know one another. The possibilities are unlimited. You smile as you think about it. Be first mover on the block and test out the local talent with this hot new, all American SMS Text Dating! You'll find this cellphone chat is the best, quickest and easiest way to meet single people. Find your perfect match, your soulmate or just a one night stand. Whatever suits your personal style. It's really up to you. Click on a blue banner at the top or bottom of this mobile web page and fill in a brief form to see who will be waiting for you. Start chatting now. He or she is just a few clicks away.
Carrier Restrictions: AT&T, Sprint, Centennial, T-mobile, and Alltel networks are OK. All carriers are accepted EXCEPT Verizon.
Country Restrictions: US ONLY - no exceptions!
Other Restrictions: All smart phones including iPhone 4 and 3g and Android OS based devices, Web OS and Blackberry are eligible. All handsets are accepted.
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